Contributing / Development

There are several ways that people can help offchain::ipfs.

Create a dApp or a custom Substrate pallet, and tell us about it

Now that the proof-of-concept is complete and this manual is published, our goal is to be laser-focused on user needs and to extend the capabilities of offchain::ipfs based on them. So, if you end up trying this out, we would love to know how, and what your use case is.

Support offchain::ipfs financially

Equilibrium is a consultancy that builds, and helps you build on the distributed web. If you're part of an organization and want help implementing or improving offchain::ipfs, get in touch with us.

  • If you're an individual and want to support us financially, visit our OpenCollective.

Implement more IPFS functionality

Some of the functionality that exists in Rust IPFS is not exposed via offchain::ipfs, and some of the IPFS functionalities are not implemented in Rust IPFS at all. If there's something that another IPFS implementation does that you'd like offchain::ipfs to do, let us know or take a crack at implementing it yourself.