Previewing the functionality in a UI

If you’re looking for a quick demo of the functionality, the simplest thing to do after running the Docker container's default command is to launch the substrate-front-end-template UI.


  1. If you have node.js and yarn installed on your machine, run the following commands:

    git clone
    cd substrate-front-end-template
    yarn install
    yarn start
  2. Once the UI opens in your browser, scroll down to the Pallet Interactor section at the bottom.

  3. Keep the default "Extrinsic" active, then select templateModule from the first dropdown.

  4. Then, select the callable you want from the list of callables that become available:

  5. An additional text field or fields will appear below the last select box. Type the arguments in and then click Signed.

  6. Watch your node logs and also the extrinsic events to the right for output and information.

Now what

This demo is based on our included templateModule pallet - mostly meant as a showcase of the embedded [Rust IPFS] node. In the next section we will walk you through this pallet, which will be instructive as a reference implementation.